About the project

About the project

Smart Lesson will support teachers with suitable methodologies and tools to use smartphones as an innovative learning tool in class. The Smart Lesson aims to increase student awareness of the use of smartphones as a learning tool, enhancing their motivation in class, and most important, develop students' digital skills related to the five areas of the European framework DigComp 2.2


Provide a methodology for designing learning paths based on the use of smartphones that fully exploit the potential of this tool to develop students' key skill

Provide guidelines and indications on how to best use the smartphone in class management and relations with students and families

Support teachers in assessing students in mobile learning processes, identifying the skills to be assessed

Tools for teachers


SMART LESSON KIT containing the methodology for designing new learning scenarios, also including a guide to the tools that can be used in lessons via smartphone.


SMART LESSON METER a student evaluation tool, accompanied by guidelines that clarify the process and the skills to be evaluated in digital teaching.
Tools for teachers

Best practices and methodologies applied by the partners