ARETÉS (Italy)

Aretés is an Italian cooperative society established in 1999 on the initiative of a group of sociologists and economists committed to the themes of social innovation, quality of life, local development and Europe. From its establishment to the present day, the company has progressively developed into a reality focused on applied research, European planning and digital training.

Aretés has always worked in the fields of education, social, labour and local development, and has progressively broadened its scope over time to include issues related to the cultural sector, tourism and food. All areas of intervention are approached by applying three indispensable methodological keys: social innovation, fund-raising and digital transition. Aretés has carried out numerous research projects at local, national and European level, collaborating with municipalities, unions of municipalities, provinces and regions, health authorities and volunteer service centres. The company also carries out research, consultancy and market surveys for private and non-profit organisations.

Aretés has been working in the field of European organisational models since its inception. Starting from the design of Europe Offices implemented within different public contexts, the company has widened its scope to the design and implementation of offices engaged in fund- raising also in associative environments. In recent years, Aretés has developed innovative projects, developing and spreading a new way of thinking about DIGITAL as a tool for everyday work, making available new digital products, strengthening the methodological and professional skills of educators and teachers. It currently working on various European projects: gender stereotypes and behavioural changes, training and guidance for disadvantaged adults, critical and responsible use of smartphones by young people, social innovation, etc...

Vallauri High School (Italy)

“Vallauri High School” is a public vocational school located in Emilia Romagna, one of the most productive area in Northern Italy. This area has several industries in the following sectors: fashion, manufacturing, biomedical and food.

Families turn to our institute to let their children acquire important vocational skills that can help them find a job as soon as they graduate. The school is made up of 650 students and about a hundred teachers. There are 2 courses of study, with vocational qualifications in Electronics/Mechanics/Electricity/Textile:

  • Fashion Industry and Crafts for Made in Italy

  • Technical Maintenance and Assistance

In the two-year period students have to learn basic skills in the following subjects: Italian, Mathematics, English, Science, History, Geography, ICT, Law. In the three-year period the study of vocational subjects focused on the practical aspect is predominant.

Our institute pays a special attention to the well-being of all the students by offering them psycho-pedagogical support (individual and class group) and study support. One of our main objectives is the inclusion of students with special educational needs, including the numerous non-Italian-speaking students, thanks to the following projects: theatre course, literacy teaching, pet therapy.

Fundación Cibervoluntarios (Spain)

Fundación Cibervoluntarios is a Spanish NGO of international scope focused on promoting an inclusive digital transition and eliminating the digital divide. A global pioneer in the creation and management of a technology volunteer network, we provide free training in digital skills to thousands of people a year, we promote social innovation and the empowerment of citizens through the use of technology. From Fundación Cibervoluntarios we want to ensure that all people have, equally, the opportunity to access, learn and use technology to promote their autonomy, strengthen their rights, enhance educational innovation with digital tools or improve their employment opportunities and foster social participation. With this goal in mind, we facilitate the acquisition of digital skills for citizens in a close, simple, practical and free way.

To achieve this, we have a network of more than 2,800 cybervolunteers and we collaborate with more than 1,600 organizations (NGOs, Associations, Municipalities, Universities, Primary and secondary schools, etc.) to be able to reach any point in Spain. Fundación Cibervoluntarios provides experience in international projects, currently working in ongoing Horizon Europe, Next Generation Internet and Erasmus + European initiatives. Our main strength in European projects is piloting and testing solutions with ICTliving Labs, user-centric research, Dissemination & Communication activities, and UX design.

IES Luis Vives (Spain)

IES Luis Vives is a public Secondary Education School located to the northwest of Leganés, Madrid, that specifically provides academic and technical skills, knowledge, and vocational training, so it can be considered a reference center for the town, and what’s more: it has recently been awarded as a School of Excellence in the Spanish territory. We have a wide educational offer in two shifts, daytime and evening, and organised into three levels: Basic Level Vocational Training, Junior Level Degrees and Higher Level Degrees, in six different careers, with high labor demand, thus facilitating the professional insertion of students who finish their studies in our center.

Our mission is deeply explained in the School’s Educational Project, and it focuses on promoting the development of the student in the training, working, personal and affective areas; through an education that is innovative at all times, but that preserves its basis in values ​​that promote solidarity, respect, commitment and tolerance.

Our vision is committed to innovation and transversality. We carry out actions that consolidate existing teaching techniques and promote the possibility of exploring new ones within vocational training. We want to be an outstanding Center within the community, which develops commitment values, effort and solidarity, thus strengthening our students’ skills and thus helping them expand their expectations in the labour and business market.

GO-AHEAD Association (Romania)

Since 2017, GO-AHEAD, a non-government association, aims to bring significant improvements to society through education. With each project and activity, whether it is addressed to teachers, young people or citizens, GO-AHEAD leaves a mark on the education and personal development of an individual.

GO-AHEAD contributes to building balanced and supportive communities, made up of people that know their own rights and responsibilities and which are aware of their active role as members of societies. The mission of GO-AHEAD is the integration of socio-emotional development and counseling in the Romanian educational process which will lead to an improvement in the quality of education, social inclusion and equal access to education.

Through the vision of the association, our children and youngsters will be prepared to answer the challenges of the 21st century, having by their side mentors, parents and teachers, able to stimulate curiosity, emotional development and willing to help them reach their full potential.

The Romanian Finnish High-School (Romania)

The Romanian-Finnish High School has 920 students aged between 3 and 17, and 100 teachers. The school’s mission is to provide quality education for all its learners. Thus, it offers a wide variety of curricular and extracurricular activities developed to enhance students’ competencies in key areas. They can attend drama, public speaking or debate classes. They can be part of one of the school’s teams, and they can present their inventions at the school’s Science Fair.

Annually, the school aims to promote European values by organizing workshops, debates, picnics and shows in which multiculturalism and tolerance are encouraged. The school promotes social inclusion by offering the possibility of integration and therapy to children facing different social disorders or neuromotor deficiency. In each class there is such a child who is welcomed and accepted by his colleagues, thus offering examples of tolerance and integration. We adapt the methods and ideologies of Finnish education, which represents at this moment the most effective system in the European educational area. Our vision implies the creation of a positive and innovative educational landmark in Romania.

Open Up Association of Innovation (Greece)

Open Up Greek Scientific Organization of Innovation is a Panhellenic Scientific Non Profit Organization in the form of an Association. It consists of 40 members, mainly educators and administrators of all levels, directors, scientists, researchers, theorists, physicists, philologists and specialists of all categories, from executives of innovative, research and all kinds of other enterprises, from students, research organizations and all kinds of natural, legal having a common interest in the design, research development, evaluation, promotion and implementation of development, cooperation and innovation actions.

Our vision is to broaden the horizons of adult participants in all types of education (formal, non-formal and informal) and to enhance their professional profile in order to contribute to a sustainable and prosperous future in the context of democracy and respect for human rights. The central objective of Open Up is to promote innovation and inclusion in the fields of education, entrepreneurship, exploiting the dynamics of culture and technology through partnerships in Greece, Europe and worldwide in terms of sustainable development and green economy. In its 3 years of operation, it has gained experience in international collaborations as a beneficiary and as a partner organisation in co-funded Erasmus+ programs KA1 and KA2. Through these, it has provided training opportunities for its members and laid the foundations for a network of partners at European level.

High School of Kallithea Elassonas (Greece)

High School of Kallithea Elassonas (Greece)

Our school is a secondary education school (lower - Gymnasium and upper - Lykeio) in central Greece. The covered programs are those proposed from the Greek Ministry of Education for general education. Our students are taught several subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Greek Language, Ancient Greek, English, German, French, P.E., ICT, Political and Social Science, History, Literature etc. Our school has 95 students 12-18 years old and 24 teachers.

Our school is situated in the village of Kallithea Elassonas. The area is mostly rural and the pupil's parents are employed basically in agricultural and livestock sector. Kallithea lies in the center of Greece and many cities are easily accessible by car. Kallithea lies about 12 km away from Elassona, 52 km away from Larissa, 125 km from Thessaloniki and 405 km from Athens, the capital city of Greece.

LIGZDA Youth Organization (Latvia)

Youth organization ”Ligzda” works with young people in Latvia and the Valmiera region. We are supporting youth leaders, young people from rural areas. Organization main goals are: to develop a space where young people can develop their targets, encourage youth initiatives and participation in decision-making and public life, providing young people with the opportunity to acquire non-formal education - life skills, knowledge and competence, attract and organize the population, including young people volunteering, to encourage young people from disadvantaged and foster families raising association and its activities.

Our organization leads workshops, training, game faction, orientation competition and sport game and also informs society about the possibility to take part in non-formal training. From 2014 the organization is working with international youth who help local society in school, youth center, senior care center and on digital media. We are organizing camps for young people and kids to develop their competencies and leadership, use of other languages, digital tools, and online podcasts.

Rūjiena Secondary School (Latvia)

Located in the picturesque northern region of Latvia, Rūjiena Secondary School proudly provides students with a comprehensive humanitarian-based education. With a strong emphasis on the pillars of sports, culture, and nature, our institution nurtures well-rounded individuals who are equipped to thrive in a diverse and rapidly changing world.

At Rūjiena Secondary School, we believe in the importance of everyone being involved in curriculum, and our motto, "A school where everything is of value," represents this standpoint – starting from students themselves up to their parents.

We are committed to empowering our students to embrace their unique talents and interests while fostering a deep appreciation for academic excellence, physical well-being, artistic expression, and environmental protection.